Utah Avalanche Center

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Humpy Peak

Sun and clouds in and out all day. Noted Wind Loading on East Facing Humpy Peak. Experienced a localized collapse early in the day.

BountifulRd Avy

Avalanche. Unsure if sled triggered or not. It broke at 122.5 cm. The facets were hard to find. This snowpack (at the crown) was much deeper than one nearby (125cm). I think it gets some wind drifting along the road. Just 100yds up the road are commonly found drifts.


Surprisingly weak snowpack. I'm not sure how common or rare this is. I'm guessing it's reasonably common.

ElectricLake Avalanche

Crown profile of skier triggered avalanche. It broke at 61 cm. Profile recorded in between the two tracks that entered the avalanche. The second skier triggered the slide. Aspect ranged from E to ENE and maybe a touch of NE. Slope angle where tracks entered the crown was 32 deg. There was a short rollover (maybe 50-100 ft) vertical that was 37 degrees. Collapsing was observed the day of the avalanche and the following day.


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