Utah Avalanche Center

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Lambs Canyon

Similar profile at two other locations at 7500 feet East (HS 115) and 8143 feet NE (HS 130). The NE location had some rounding fx's at ground. Not major concern but there. Consistent ECTN at fx's under ice crust at 103cm. PST's on this layer were about 75/100 end.

Below Windy Ridge

This pit was dug nearby the fatal avalanche that happened on Feb 9. We wanted to see what the snowpack looked like if we were assessing the snowpack in that area and had not seen this avalanche. Boot penetration was mostly to the top of the 1F slab. However, every other step would basically punch through to facets below the slab.

Circleville Mtn

Crown profile of remotely triggered, fatal avalanche. This was just below several trees and not a perfect location. Hardness of some layers may not be representative but the snow depths seemed very representative of where the slide was triggerd. It was hard to find a safe location to look at the crown. Parts of the crown near the ridge were heavily wind loaded


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