Tahoe National Forest Sierra Avalanche Center

Lincoln Ridge

Pit dug in open below treeline terrain. Focus was on Feb 27 rain crust. Data collected in partnership with Daryl Teittinen. HS greater than 4m. Unable to probe to ground.

Polaris Point

Testpit dug in crown of natural avalanche from Feb 26 to identify failure layer and assess persistence. ECTX on SH layer that failed in the avalanche. Open area below treeline terrain with near treeline wind exposure at NW end of avalanche path. Bed surface had 30cm of new snow accumulation on top of it. HS >400 cm

Peak 9269'

Test pit to examine Feb 14 rain crust. Snowpack tests results indicate that the graupel layer is not a concern at this location and that the current snowpack is in good condition to handle additional load.

Mt. Judah

Artificially loaded PST failed as soon as I touched it with the saw before I started dragging it through the target layer @ 298 cm.


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