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Pumphouse Basin

Overcast, light snow, westerly winds, 5-10 mph, with gusts to 15 mph. Approximately 2.5 cm of new snow over 30 cm of melt forms over 100 cm of old wind slabs over 15 cm depth hoar. Most of the snowpack is composed of rounded grains or facets becoming rounded. We performed compression tests and an extended column test and observed CTM 12 at 15 cm below surface and ECTN 12.


slope collapsed (5m radius) on stomping out a turn in skin track. pit was dug 3 m in and upslope. all slope measurements were <28 degrees.

Waterhouse Peak Ridge

60cm of new snow on 35cm of moist clustered round grains. Numerous trees unloading large snow deposits with occurances likely to increase with sun and warmer temps. Great turns on top with noticeably heavier snow on the second half of Waterhouse.


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