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Snowed approx 2.5cm from 01:00pm-04:00pm, winds remained calm to light from the north. Temperature dropped 5 degrees C during the those 3 hours. Saw multiple sizeable dry sluffs debris (8,500'-9,800 elevation) of off W and SW aspects of Alex Lowe Peak and Mt. Bole. One avalanche occurred from the time from sled to uphill skin track (photo included) on a steep wind drifted burnt timber nose facing NNE, 2.5'-4' crown.

Marion Lake Hasty Pit

We skied SE slopes up to 38' above Marion Lake. The new snow was primarily made up of graupel. No signs of instability observed. Snowpack had high friction, and no propagation was observed in our tests, or in pits dug by other parties on similar slopes.


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