Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

Test 3x

Local news media reported that the young man was a high school student. Ms. Yu said the officer who shot the protester had been under attack by violent “rioters” who were threatening officers’ lives. “In order to save himself and his colleagues, he fired one shot at the attacker,” she said. In the video, the protester who was shot is first seen joining a black-clad mob of people who chase a riot officer and tackle him to the ground.

Henderson Bench

Recent 1-2’ soft slab avalanches triggered on wind loaded slopes. A large natural occurred on ridgleine above this pit 1/4 mile to the north between the time we left this pit (1415) and 1530. It was on a heavily wind loaded slope,broke from a cornice fall 4-8’ deep on facets near the ground. R3D3-N-O


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