National Avalanche Center

Ellis - Burn

Quick pit with D. Chabot and D. Kaveney. Similar structure to the pit we dug just down the ridge and prior to this one. Snowpack looks good. We skied the slope.

Ellis - Low

Pit with D. Chabot and D. Kaveney. Much more stable than 2 weeks ago! ECTN 35 at 45 cm after removing the column down to around 80 cm.

Rep Crk/Central Park

Dug w Logan DeMarcus. Previous wind loading in some areas, but the pit was in a protected location. This was one of the thinner/weaker spots we found. The problem layer of near-surface facets was not present in another pit we dug at higher elevation and more westerly aspect.

Mt Ellis Meadow

Slab is soft and not very cohesive. No decent load at this location for a while. I was calling it Fair/Stable before doing tests and Good after doing the tests. Felt comfortable skiing terrain up to 40 degrees.
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