Flathead Avalanche Center


Observers: Carbonari/Mercer. Some wind transport at ridge with substantial cornice development. Some graupel on surface. Probed on the West aspect and found HS 95 with ~30cm above the melt freeze crust. Some cracking of top 6 inches at ridge. Pit dug to 130cm

Skookoleel Peak

This pit is representative of all three pits dug today on S, NE, and N aspects in Canyon Creek, Skookoleel Creek and Lakalaho/Skookoleel Ridge areas. Approximately 70 inches of snow accumulated over the past 8 days.

Red Meadow

Observers: Carbonari/Zoellner Pit was adjacent to crown of avalanche from Feb 3-10 avalanche cycle. estimated SS-NS-R1-D2. Failure appeared to be above the January 19 crust, but stepped down to near the ground in places. Estimated crown height of 1.5 to 2 feet and crown width of approximately 50 feet.

Lost Johnny N

Widespread 8-10 cm 2/9 rain crust exists up to 6700 feet in this location in the Swan Range. 1/19 MF crust and FC above still fractures and propagates with moderate to hard force and is located ~80 cm from snow surface.


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