Yellowstone Ski Tours

NE Yellowstone Park

Experienced many large, thundering collapses today. I think one could have easily triggered a slab avalanche on anything steeper than about 35 degrees, in this lower/ mid elevation terrain today.

Miller Ridge

No collapsing nor much cracking, nor any recent avalanches observed despite 1.5 inches of SWE in the last 48hrs (low to moderate visibility).

Sheep Creek

Very deep trail breaking, localized collapsing. Not much wind effect. Location was in an area of burned trees from the 1988 fire season.

east Woody Ridge

Wind effect from Nov. 23-26 was widespread. Two inches of new snow from Nov. 26/27 has camouflaged most of this wind drifting. Some drifts are sensitive, and we experienced some localized collapsing and shooting cracks.


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