Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Sultan Creek

Currently very stable due to multiple melt/freeze cycles. Chose pit location because pole probing sunk to the ground once through the surface crusts. Currently no avalanche hazard here but if the heat turns on soon and this structure goes isothermal, wet avalanches will be likely.


Senator Beck Low North

Pit dug adjacent to HS-N-R2,D2.5-O that occurred 4 days prior on Feb 24. Initial slide was a new snow wind slab that stepped down into weak faceted snow mid-pack and at the ground. SE-E aspects still have persistent weak layers that if given the right load will fail. This structure is becoming much more isolated however as the warm temps and stronger sun help with sintering. CT failures suggest once the strength of the slab is reduced failures are still possible.


K of Sky Chutes

This is near the crown of a historic avalanche that came a few feet from SH-91. It was hard to tell but the crown from all of the Sky Chutes may have been connected. Y-Chute buried SH-91, hitting three passenger vehicles.



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